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Punto Amistad sits high atop a breathtaking and fresh air site in the rich area of Cerro de la Muerte, in the middle of the country.  This scared land faces the entire Mt. Chirripo mountain range, and boasts the morning sunrise over Mt. Chirrpo peak. This land includes primary forest and the purest of water sources. 

This is an extraordinary piece of high-altitude, clean, lush, and pure land.  

Mt. Chirripo sits inside the Unesco World Heritage Park Reserve of La Amistad International Park. This park is the largest area of protected land in Central America, and spans both Costa Rica and Panama - hence the name "Friendship Park".  It is a true jewel of pure forest.  One of nature's finest abundance, this area is home to thousands of species of birds, plants, animals, and orchids.  The park covers 400,000 sq. km.  This area is fragile, massive, and packed with diversity.  Parque La Amistad is essential for the heatlh and wildlife of our environment. 

This incredibly rich area - and the regions surrounding the park supports a wide range of flora and fauna. It is a strong yet delicate balance - one that withstands constant pressures to log the area for precious tropical hardwoods.  

Tree varieties include Oak, Magnolia, Pine, Alder.  Fruits grown in the area include blackberries and plums. Medicinal and culinary herbs do well in this clime.



  • Water
  • Views
  • Electricity
  • Road
  • Building Sites
  • Adjacent to largest park reserve in                   Central America La Amistad
  • Close community
  • 45 mintures to Perez Zeledon
  • 1 1/2 Hours to San Jose and Airport

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